Molly Thomas and Amelia White will be performing at The Book Cellar and then venturing into Florida for a short tour. Two critically acclaimed songwriters who collaborate on and off the stage, writing songs and performing together will be traveling and performing their songs at venues and house concerts. Their shows consist of rotating songs and playing on each other’s songs with a great deal of musicality and emotion, perfect for a listening environment.

“Over the last couple of decades, East Nashville fixture Amelia White has built a folk-pop catalog that's as unfussy as it is consistent in quality, and full of insinuating hooks, slyly sleepy singing and lean, jangly backing. "Rhythm of the Rain," the title cut of the album she released in January, looks at the current political frenzy from a seasoned, bohemian remove.” -Jewly Hight NPR MUSIC Aug. 19 2019

"Molly Thomas sings what my guts can’t find the words to say. She offers us the freedom to sit back and listen while she explores heartache on our behalf. I feel lucky I found her music." - Jason Segel (actor)