From the recording Everything's Gonna Be Okay

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Everything's Gonna Be Okay

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A COVID-19 2020 recording experience... This was a joint recording effort by each band member. Molly recorded in her home, Blue Print Studio. Rick Hirsch recorded electric guitars in his Studio H2O. John Keuler recorded bass and BG vocals in his home and John Milham recorded drum in his Green Roof Studios in Laurel, MS.

Notes from Molly:
This song was written during the COVID-19 lockdown from various conversations with myself taking comfort in the simple fact that in all chaos and seeming defeat, we will all be okay. I don’t intend to discount the many untimely deaths and severe illnesses resulting from this horrible virus. They cannot be ignored as we try to come together to understand. Something to consider throughout all of the world's experience this year is even in death and illness, those of us living must find peace by turning the volume down, resting, protecting each other in distancing, and being with loved ones — even by phone. Perhaps as we reflect on 2020 with gratitude that we were forced to go deeper inside ourselves to meet head-on such impending doom as, suffering, loss, hunger, unemployment, quarantines, hurricanes, fires, anxiety, etc., we may possibly see ourselves in a new light.

One more thing... I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to all of the health care-workers who have worked so diligently throughout this time. We pay homage to YOU!

Peace & Love,

Artwork by Laney Milham


Time to love while we stand in the rain
Take a break and wait for the sun to shine
The wind is rough and going astray
Hitting everyone, in every place

So turn it down and try to be safe
It's alright, gonna be okay

Information is hard to detect
Confusion in a world of separate space
A bunch of stuff we can't erase
Infected by ideas and pointing blame

So turn it off and throw it away
It's alright, gonna be okay