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  1. Shoot the Sky

From the album Shoot the Sky

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Shoot the Sky

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shoot the sky (written by molly thomas Kaigler's Bottom Music/ASCAP)
recorded & produced by molly thomas
molly - vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, tamborine
jack silverman - electric guitar
matthew ryan - electric guitar

Go ahead and shoot the sky, it’s already fallin’
and you’re too hard to handle
uh huh
Shoot your foot while you’re at it
you’re pretty good at that
uh huh

Tell me why
Tell me why
just try a little

Yesterday was sunny and you took your own sweet time
kept your word and twriled me all around
woke up feelin’ funny, another you with too
many things on your mind
un huh

Tell me why
Tell me why
just try a little

When ya gonna reach the bottom
when ya gonna pick up all the pieces
when ya gonna see what you’re doin’ to everyone
ninty to nothin’ thinkin’ you’re somethin’
turn it around, you gotta turn it around
uh huh

Tell me why
Tell me why
tell me why
just try a little
cuz it’s all up to you.