From the recording Shoot the Sky


wide of the mark (written by molly thomas Kaigler's Bottom Music/ASCAP & brian harrison Hubcapthievesmusic/ascap)
recorded @ the rendering plant & produced by molly thomas & brian harrison
molly - vocals
brian harrison - acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass
joe macmahan - electric guitars
richard bell - hammond b3
bryan owings - drums

You live the plush life in your guilded cage
Your constantly afraid of being upstaged
But it’s funny how you show your ass
cuz really you are underclass
and it’s time you acted your age

You think you’re all that you should be ashames
You lost your shot again cuz your a poor aim
You are trigger happy with a rage
a baby with a 12 gage
off the track and no one to blame


Your wound too tight your mind is such a maze
You’re talking too fast now i’m in a daze
when things are up you say their down
You seem to be the king of frown
and suffer from common malaize

You are wide of the mark
living life in the dark
you think your way is the right way
a child could see that your wrong
way wide of the mark

Your train derailed down in birmingham
Why don’t you grow up and be a man
Your always blamin others when your the source of trouble and you think i should be your biggest fan