1. The Boatman

From the recording Honey's Fury

Written by Molly Thomas (Kaigler’s Bottom Music / ASCAP) & Amelia White (Pussydog Music / BMI)
Molly Thomas - vocals, fiddle, piano
Rick Hirsch - guitars, vocals
John Keuler - bass, vocals
John Milham - drums, percussion, vocals


The Boatman:

You’re a man on a boat all the time
Are you gonna kiss the ground
A man on a boat all around
You’ve lived the life of a thousand men

A captain and a sailor
A mover and blood seller
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

You’r e renaissance boat driving man

You got blue blue water
A fancy girl with pretty skin
Are you gonna drown yourself in that boat you’re in

Cause you’re a drinker
you’re a smoker
a looker
so what you gonna do
yeah yeah
yeah yeah
yeah yeah

Whisper the way, how you take it away
On that boat, sweet talkin’ man
Write all your stories of water and women
From life on that boat while you can

Yeah, yeah