Christmas Gifts and More!

Hello Y'all!!!

I just wanted to send a warm greeting to all my cyber friends in this last month of 2010... I think I'm understanding the concept of "life goes by fast!" Unbelievable! It's been a great year, and I am truly thankful for all of the wonderful experiences that have come my way. And, I look forward to the future in hopes that those same adventures continue.
If you celebrate Christmas or just want to give a gift to someone who enjoys music, please feel free to stop by my STORE and browse around.

I also want to introduce to you an organization in which I have been following for almost 20 years. I visited one of their branches in Mexico in 1989 and have since tried to remain involved with, even if it was just to stay educated in their mission. It is called, Heifer International. Their philosophy is this:  "Heifer International is a global nonprofit with a proven solution to ending hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. Heifer helps empower millions of families to lift them out of poverty and hunger to self-reliance through gifts of livestock, seeds and trees and extensive training, which provide a multiplying source of food and income." Heifer International is an organization that I believe in and have seen with my own eyes its impact on the world.

I am adding a Heifer International "DONATIONS" button above this blog and on my home page in hopes to raise money for a cow to provide for a family which will in turn provide for a community in need. It's such an easy concept and has proven worthy for over 65 years. If you would like to contribute to the Heifer fund, please feel free to add any amount that suits your budget.

Tis the Season of giving!!!
Peace & Love,

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